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Family: Strombidae --Conch Eyes

Lambis_lambis_Eye_BW.jpg (141631 bytes)

Strombus_bulla_eyes.jpg (45204 bytes)

The two pictures show the mobile eyes found in live molluscs of the Strombidae family. Two tentacles are mounted on the head end separately from the stalk mounted eyes. In the right-hand picture of a conch one can clearly see the stromboid notch of the shell, through which the conch can extrude one of its eyes. The eyes of the spider shell mollusc are much the same as the conch. These molluscs give the impression of extraordinary alertness, with the eye quickly scanning the surrounding area.

Above left, photograph of  Lambis lambis by Don Byrne (Wilson & Gillett, 1971). Above right, photograph of  Strombus bulla by Barry Wilson (Wilson, 1993). Photos reproduced courtesy of Barry Wilson.

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