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Family: Turridae (Turrids)

This is by far one of the largest families among marine molluscs, containing a great number of species. The family hallmark is a notch or sinus in the upper part of the outer lip, but species are very difficult to identify because of wide variety in speciation. Many shells are tapered at both ends (i.e., "fusiform"), like the Babylon Turrid shown below. Others show variable proportions in lengths between their spire and siphonal canal, while the Japanese Wonder Shell is so unusual as to have been sometimes placed in a family of its own (Thatcheriidae). The shells vary widely in both colors and textures.
Turrids are generally shallow water, off-shore creatures that prey on marine worms, but Thatcheria mirabilis is found only in deep waters. In common with other carnivores in the Conacea Superfamily, the turrids possess the same venomous harpoon mechanism as the cones. It is used for paralyzing their prey before swallowing.
Class: Gastropoda
Clade: Neogastropoda
Superfamily: Conoidea
Family: Turridae

Major genera:
  • Genus: Clavatula
  • Genus: Clavus
  • Genus: Drillia
  • Genus: Gemmula
  • Genus: Inquisitor
  • Genus: Lophiotoma
  • Genus: Mangelia
  • Genus: Perrona
  • Genus: Polystira
  • Genus: Thatcheria
  • Genus: Turricula
  • Genus: Turris

Thatcheria mirrabilis Thatcheria mirabilis (Angas, 1877)
Japanese Wonder Shell

Turris_babylonia2.JPG (35081 bytes)Turris babylonia (Linnaeus, 1758)
Babylon Turrid

Archerd Shell Collection > Shell Classes > Gastropods > Turrids