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Family: Glycymerididae (Bittersweet Clams)

Glycymeridae shells are similar to
Ark shells in having a taxodont hinge; namely a hinge showing along the edges, two rows of similarly shaped teeth arranged in a chevron-like paattern (top to bottom, at right in the picture below). Generally, the shell is so symmetrical that identifying the front from posterior ends is difficult without seeing the live mollusc. The foot would protrude from the front end, and the siphons from the posterior. In the specimen shown here, a faint muscle scar (near the bottom right) identifies its posterior end (Keene, 1958).
While not deepwater forms, the Glycymeridae do not tolerate intertidal conditions well. They are generally dredged from moderately deep waters. 
Class: Bivalvia
Subclass: Pteriomorphia
Order: Arcoida
Superfamily: Limopsacea
Family: Glycymerididae
Single Genus: Glycymeris
Glycymeris_gigantea.JPG (54508 bytes)

Glycymeris_gigantea2.JPG (51220 bytes)Glycymeris gigantea Reeve, 1843
Giant Bittersweet

Archerd Shell Collection > Shell Classes > Bivalvia > Bittersweet Clams